Camp Sick?

Summer 2016 ended 9 days and 21 hours ago. That is “real life” time. In CCB time it feels like a full month has flown by! And we have missed everyone and the excitement of life at camp every single minute.

IMG_7033Since our campers and staff headed off on new adventures we back at home base have been spending our time reflecting on the summer just gone, reminiscing on the great times, learning from the not so great and putting together what we know is going to be an incredible plan for Summer 2017.Climbing (9)

Summer 2016 was filled with so much joy, adventure, learning, friendship and excitement and it can be difficult for our campers and staff to adjust to life back at school and work without their camp buddies. Below are some signs that you are maybe feeling a little “Camp-Sick”.

  1. When your alarm goes off you follow it with “All up, everybody up, what a day, what a day, what a day!!!”
  2. When you walk to a meal table you stand behind your chair and hope someone will begin the Milkshake Blessing
  3. When someone asks what you want for desert you bang your hands on the table and shout “Ice Cream Sandwiches”
  4. You see a mud pile and start planning how you can use it as camouflage to play Stalker in a Man V Wild Clinic
  5. On Saturday and Sunday nights you want to eat outside (Burgers, please)
  6. When you hear the Harlem Shake or Wobble playing you can’t help but dancing as ferociously as you can
  7. You can convince almost anyone that you are from Australia or England or Scotland with your incredible accents.

Surfing (1)

Luckily-As school life and work life get underway the Camp-Sickness will fade and then the pre camp excitement for 2017 can begin. We will be working hard all year to make sure it is our best summer yet!

To everyone who was a part of our 2016 family-Thank you and good luck… This is not a goodbye, it is see you soon!


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