Welcome White Water Mitch!

Today we are excited to welcome Mitch to the CCB team! Mitch was hired back in Jan to work on our white water team this summer and we are stoked for him to arrive for the summer of a lifetime!

Introduce Yourself! My name is Mitchell Gawthorne, I am from the beautiful Blue Mountains in Australia, home of the Three Sisters. I wouldn’t say I am famous on a large scale, however at my workplace as a whitewater raft guide at Penrith Whitewater Stadium, the home of the 2000 Sydney Olympics Whitewater events, I am known to ‘throw a ripper rope” which is Australian for throwing a rather adequate and reliable rescue rope to a swimmer in the water who has fallen from their raft!

kayaking camp

What do you love about CCB? I love the fact that CCB is orientated around being outdoors and adventuring, putting young boys back to the grass roots of having fun in the natural world around you, in a time in society when social media and technology often influences the activities of young boys. I am most excited for being out on the lakes and rivers with the boys and sharing with them my love for the outdoor, teaching them to respect the power of the river and the beauty of nature, and hopefully providing them with experiences they’ll never forget.


What is your favorite thing about working with children? My favorite part of coaching and working with children is being able to pass on my knowledge and/or skills to the younger generation so they can hopefully find a love and passion for the skill also. I also enjoy the challenge, as children need to be entertained and kept motivated while learning new skills, if it isn’t fun to learn, they are less likely to enjoy the new sport/skill.

What are you most excited for? I hope to help our campers further develop their love for the outdoors, and hopefully further develop their interest and skills in the whitewater environment. I hope to develop young boys who have loads of fun on the river, whilst being as safe as possible and not taking any unnecessary risks. I also hope to show boys that regardless of their ability, their is always fun to be had, and furthermore, to inspire them to always improve. In cabin life, I hope to be part of a fun, enjoyable and memorable environment. I hope the boys form friendships that will last beyond the boundaries of camp, and for added value I hope to teach them some Australian slang (all appropriate of course) which they can take home with them to impress their friends.

walking stas nat pass

In my free time I like to stay fit and healthy, either through going swimming, the gym etc, or adventuring in the Blue Mountains or Kayaking at Penrith Whitewater Stadium. I also do photography and filmography in my spare time (when I have some!) I love that my hobbies of staying healthy and active suit my ambivert personality well, as I can conduct these activities in the company of friends and enjoy them immensely, but I can also do them by myself and I get great enjoyment out of them as it allows me a chance to be alone, reflect on the world around me etc. I love photography and filmography, as it is a way of expressing yourself. Through the manual settings on my camera, plus digital editing, I consider photography a form of art, and a chance to express yourself and to manipulate the image to do so. Creating videos with my GoPro is a great hobby for me, as it inspires me to go adventuring and gain footage, whilst the editing allows me to express myself and is about as creative as I get, as unfortunately I have never been very gifted musically or artistically.

2016 BullerFest Kayak Slalom and Rafter XMy favourite quote is “Memento homo, quia pulvis es, et in pulverem reverteris.” which is Latin for “”Remember, man, that you are dust And unto dust you shall return.”. I love this quote as it has many meanings for me, firstly it is a reminder of my mortality, and encourages me to always live life to the full. For me it is also very grounding, highlighting to me that despite someone’s wealth, job, house, race, religion etc, we are all human and should all be treated equally. As an aside, I also love the quote “Don’t let your life change your dreams, let your dreams change your life” which is what a predict Camp Carolina will do for me.

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