Welcome Tom from Australia!

It is that exciting time of the year when we begin to introduce our awesome summer staff! First up is Tom! Tom was recently hired on our Down Under hiring trip in Australia. Tom is a 25 year old primary school teacher back in Aus and also studied film and media-making him a wonderful asset to our Video Team this summer.Being a total boss at boardwalk games

Introduce Yourself! “My name is Tom Dignan. I am from a small town called Burringbar in Northern New South Wales, Australia. I am probably most famous for my creativity with videography and editing. I am always filming my mates’ antics and compiling them into various formats like reality TV shows, music videos and movie trailers.”

Coolest thing you have ever done? “I think naming a tiger cub would have to be one of the coolest things I have done. A morning TV show was running a competition to choose the names of two new tiger cubs at Tiger Island in Dreamworld. As a family we chose the name Baru meaning brave. A week or two later, Mum got a call saying that our name had been chosen. We then got to meet the cubs and play with them. We were given a tour of the facilities and told about the tiger conservation efforts. It was a really once in a life time opportunity and a little eye opening in regards to the declining population of tigers in the world.”

Kayaking Lake Tahoe

Tell us about your home town… “My home town is a lovely place. It is nestled in between hills of the Tweed Shire and has a small main street with a butcher, general store, mechanic and a few other small shops. I went to Burringbar Public School as a kid and have come full circle and taught there a couple times as a teacher. Across summer there is a touch football competition at the sports fields which draws a really large crowd from the surrounding areas. Apparently Burringbar is famous for a great vanilla slice from the general store but I have never tried it. I think Burringbar should be famous for its location, it is hidden away in a valley but not far from the beach, larger towns and cities.”

DSC_0050What is your favorite thing about working with children? “My favorite thing about working with children is seeing them smile, laugh and have fun together. It is extremely rewarding to see kids having a great time during the activity you have planned and it is almost like you get to relive a little bit of your own childhood.”

What is your main goal for your campers this summer? “I think a main goal would be to help them have respect for one another, their counselors and their environment. By modelling ways to deal with certain situations the campers will be able to see how I deal with a situation and hopefully emulate it. In regards to my activity I hope campers will be themselves in front of the camera. I have come across kids who do get camera shy but I aim to create a supportive positive environment where the campers can be themselves.”


“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”-I think if you are passionate about something it will benefit you and those around you.

Let’s give Tom a CCB welcome!

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  1. Kate Conrad says:

    We love Tom – we are returning for the third year because of Tom. Our first day @ Camp Carolina Tom took Austin under his wing help to draw Austin out of his comfort zone to try new things and he loved it. Thank you Tom for building Austin up and helping him spread his wings. The Conrads

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