Camp Carolina 2015 Yearbooks… Are HERE!!!

2015 Holiday Headers6

All over the US, Mexico, NZ and Europe our 2015 campers are receiving a very special Thanksgiving Camp Carolina gift-The 2015 Yearbooks!

The Yearbooks include footage from that particular session and highlights the activities on offer but also those “special” memories and moments specific to that session. Jeff Hallet’s amazing talent show “Riptide” performance in Main Session, the first ever game of Rainbow Tag from First Session, the different Color War chants created each session, the huggers cabin skits…

The DVD includes all 3 year books, the 2015 thirty minute promo as well as the Thompson Family Skit. Below are the 3 year books for everyone to enjoy online. Please feel free to share on your Social Media and watch multiple times to get you through the next few months of camp sickness.

June Yearbook

Main Session Yearbook

August Yearbook

One Comment Add yours

  1. Ekwe Blessing says:

    would love to be shortlisted for the next camp….its lovely from on here

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