Whooo Camp is well and truly underway. So much has happened since our last blog that we don’t know where to start…IMG_0976

On Monday our Newts went out on an all day rafting trip to the mighty French Broad! They had a great time rafting with their new cabin mates and we hear that the NEWTS won the raft pirate battle against our CCB raft guides. On their return they all enjoyed an icey cold vita pup during free time.


Our 3 other tribes had a choice of 10 trips and 20 in camp activities to keep them busy on their first day. The most popular activities were Archery, Riflery, Fencing, sports and Arts’n’Crafts. Our caving, white water kayaking and horse riding trips were also full.

That evening our cabins created skits and then performed them for their tribe. Each tribe selected 2 winners for Tues evenings all camp skit contest. Dinner was a feast of Spaghetti and Meatballs which was met with great enthusiasm.


On Tuesday our Manders went rafting on the Dam released Pigeon River in Tennessee. A little rain did nothing to dampen their spirits. Back here at base camp we had all of our in camp activities up and running as well as 9 trips out of camp to Pisgah and Dupont Forests plus the awesome trails here at CCB.

Tuesday we enjoyed PIZZA NIGHT for dinner followed by CANDY store! Then we enjoyed the epic battle between the cabins to win Pizza and Sodas to wrap up a great day. The ultimate winners were cabin 31 in the Huggers Tribe. They created a great skit (including home-made tables from arts’n’crafts) demonstrating how the different tribes at CCB enjoy their meals. It was hilarious and the campers enjoyed their well deserved pizza and soda before bed time.


Wednesday morning was met with gusto and excitement for Cabin Day. The chants are breakfast were louder than ever, the friendships between the cabins are getting stronger every day and the French Toast and Bacon was met with enthusiasm. Today our campers head out to camp either in Pisgah or at Base Camp CCB for the first ever cabin day. Our Newts have an exciting Olympics planned with Field Games and sports. Our Dogs and Huggers are taking on the Wild in a Man’Vs’Wild cabin day and our Manders are putting their knowledge to the test in a games show themed Cabin day.

As always we are optimistic for blue skies for tonight’s camping trip-but you know what they say… It never rains on Cabin Day!

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