We are SO excited to announce the #summerishere Yesterday we welcome campers aged from 5-17 whom are staying for 1, 3, 7 and 10 weeks at the best place on Earth.Opening Day 1 (1)

Opening Day was enthusiastic as ever-with all drop offs going smoothly and campers getting a head start on some of their MUST do activities such as skating, slip and sliding, zip lining, horse riding and climbing. Lunch was delayed by about an hour but as always-everyone at CCB did a great job of #livingbythegong

Opening Day 3

Lunch was home made burgers with all the fixings and our campers got a quick introduction on how the CCB Dining Hall runs. In the afternoon our campers travelled as a tribe to 4 different activities-swim assesment, dodgeball, meeting with Owner/Director Alfred and a whole camp tour with their Head Counselor. Our afternoon was wrapped up with a mock emergency procedure.

That evening we enjoyed a BBQ chicken feast which our campers LOVED. After dinner we all headed to the skate park for Activity Skits where each activity department described what their activity will be offering this session. The campers could then decide which in camp activities they wanted to sign up to that evening and which trips out of camp they would choose this morning.Opening Day

We had a great first night at CCB with all of our campers falling asleep to the sound of rain on their cabin roof and sleeping soundly until this mornings gong at 7.45AM.

Opening Day 1 (2)

Stay tuned to hear all about our first full day here at CCB in tomorrows CCB blog…

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