Introducing Andy from Perth, Australia

Today we are excited to introduce and welcome Andy from Perth, Australia to the CCB family! Andy is making the trip half way around the world in a few weeks to take part in his pre-season training and we are so excited for his arrival. Andy is famous for playing in a volleyball game that went for 48 hours!!! Naturally he will be our Volleyball Coach and a member of the Team Sports family this summer.spartan 1

He says he is most excited to meet hundreds of new people-counselors and camper alike at CCB this summer. His role model is Michael Jordan because he has shown such determination and really acknowledged his failures which has ultimately helped him succeed. His other hero is his dad-he has always been able to do anything he has put his mind to.


Andy studied sports science at the University of Western Australia. he has coached numerous sports teams and loves working with children.He also lived in Baltimore and Tucson USA as a child and LOVED it. He is really looking forward to getting back to the USA and helping our campers have the best summer of their lives!

Andy’s favorite quote is “United we stand, divided we fall”. Andy-See ya in a few weeks!

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