Ry is Returning!

We are so excited about our returning staff for the summer of 2015! We have staff returning in almost every activity area and cannot wait for them to spend their 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th summers here at CCB. Our returners bring such a wealth of experience, knowledge and leadership that really helps our programs get better and better each year!ry

Ry who was an awesome surf instructor for summer 2014 is coming back!!! His knowledge about surfing in general as well as his experience leading surf trips to Charleston during summer 2015 along with his positive, hardworking and helpful personality makes him such a vital team member and we cannot wait for him to arrive! Here is a little about Ry and his surf experience.

ry 2

“Growing up in the coastal town of Mt Duneed, near Torquay I was thrown into the beach and water lifestyle at a very early age. I began body boarding when I was about 8 and started surfing on one of my dads old boards when I was 12. At first it was just a summer thing and as I grew older and became more infatuated with the sport, I developed the surfing bug and was begging dad (as my transportation) to take me surfing any spare moment I could. I learned to brave the 8 degree waters in Winter and was even crazy enough to get dad to take me surfing at 5am in the morning, often sitting in the car in our wetsuits waiting for the sun to rise. When I turned 18 I became a lot more independent and I got my driving licence on my birthday, threw my board in the back of my station wagon and have spent a large portion of my wages paying for petrol to ferry myself to the beach and back ever since.”

ry 3

Ry is also an experienced surf instructor-which is his current job! “I am working as a surf instructor in Torquay, Australia (also my hometown) at a company called Great Ocean Road Surf Tours. We run surf lessons and tours for all ages and abilities along the world-famous Great Ocean Road. On the weekends, myself and another instructor, Lucas, run a program called Vegemite Surf Groms (http://www.surfgroms.com) which runs throughout the course of the school term and we also run intensive clinics over school holidays. The program is for kids aged 5-12 and caters for all abilities as they work through the different levels which isn’t just based on their surfing ability but also incorporates beach and ocean knowledge, awareness  and safety and also first aid. It is an amazing program and you get to see our little “groms” once a week over the course of the program so similar to camp you develop an awesome bond with the little shredders. It is very rewarding watching their confidence and knowledge develop and grow over the course of the program and also a massive bonus to see them shredding every week it puts a smile on our faces and makes our job that much more enjoyable. I can’t wait to bring my new knowledge and skills to camp and be in the 27 degree water at Folly Beach!”

Ry is arriving in a few short weeks and we cannot wait!

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    من آسوده خاطری هستم که در کامل اینترنت پیام
    متماثل بوسیله این یادداشت بود ندارد برای
    این که مطلب تمام و تمامیت ی پیرامون این مبحث است

    من از باب محسوس کردن این مطلب فیش های زیادی را جستجو کردم
    و به نظرم این مطلب می تواند درخصوص بسی از بازدید
    کنندگان مناسب باشد

    من آسوده خاطر هستم که تو آزگار اینترنت پیام مشابه بوسیله این نبا حیات ندارد زیرا مطلب تمام و تام ی پیرامون
    این مبحث است

    موضوع کلام ی این پیام از نظر وافر از افراد مفت و کامل نیست ولی
    جان نثار از محتویات کارخانه ها و بلاگ ها پیرامون این مطلب در وب
    وجود دارند که می توان از آنها استفاده بهتری داشت

    این پیغام مشاوره و پیشنهاد مناسب به خاطر کسانی
    است که می خواهند جوانب محتواها مشابه بوسیله این مطلب مطالعه بیشتری داشته باشند

    کنیز نمی توانم با این مقاله ضدیت یا موافقت کنم زیرا علم مکفی درون زمینه این مقاله و بلاگ

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