Bransen Brings it to NC!

We would like everyone to extend a warm welcome to Bransen from Australia! Bransen was hired at one of the famous “Down Under Fairs” and will be on our Archery, Riflery and Fencing team this summer!bransen Bransen is from Jamberoo, NSW, Aus and is famous for eating a McDonalds soft serve ice cream in under 10 seconds! He just graduated from the University of Wollongong with a bachelor of Civil Engineering.

He cannot wait to get to CCB to work in a completely new environment with our campers and pass on his enthusiasm and skills to the younger generation. His passions are Riflery and Archery. Here is what he says about them… BNG -Battlegrounds Canberra “My personal experience comes from a long history in the use of firearms. I started target shooting at approximately 7 years old under the supervision of my father. This hobby has continued for my entire life where our family would often go on trips to a friends farm in central NSW. My joy in shooting comes from the challenge of shooting targets at a variety of different ranges, i.e. cans off a log at 20 metres or trying to get the bull’s eye at 100 meters. I currently have my Australian firearms license, which qualifies me to own/fire both center-fire and rim-fire rifles.  The number 1 rule I was raised to respect was “treat every rifle as if it was loaded”.” Bransones “My experience in archery comes from having it as a personal hobby for the last 3 years. I currently live on a small farm, therefore I have ample opportunity to set up targets to use at both long and short-range.”

Bransen also has another awesome skill that we can’t wait for him to share with our campers-Hip Hop Dancing! “I started my involvement in hip hop dance at a relatively late age (approximately 18 years old), however it quickly became my greatest passion. IBNG - UOW Clubs Day have continued this sport throughout the rest of my university degree and don’t plan on giving it up any time soon. My involvement is not limited to only class participation, but also choreography for teaching and also personal recreation. I have competed in many competitions with my crew, where we even won a regional comp which lead to us qualifying to compete at a national level. Myself and 5 friends started the first ever hip hop dance society at the University of Wollongong in 2012 (called “Groove Central”) where we each took turns choreographing and then teaching classes to university students.”

Bransen’s hero or role model is his father or anyone who can turn their passion into a career. His favorite quote is “don’t focus on the pursuit of happiness, but rather the happiness of the pursuit. And 5 words to describe himself? Honest, Amiable, Grounded, Generous, and Ethical.

We are stoked to welcome Bransen to the CCB family and have him share his summer with our superstar campers!

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