Greetings for Grace!

We would like everyone to extend a warm welcome and share our excitement with welcoming Grace to the CCB family!image2

Grace is 23 and from a small country town in Aus and says she is famous for being a typical Aussie girl! The small country town Grace is from-Nhill-is famous for having Australia’s largest single silo-cool fact! She feels she will contribute a strong positive influence to camp with her active and enthusiastic personality. She says she loves to see and bring out the best in everyone and cannot wait to meet the campers and staff alike.


She loved visiting Thredbo in Aus during the winter and experiencing the real “cold” and learning to snow board. She also worked as a nanny on a remote Outback Station (farm) in QLD. She was also a farmhand on a number of farms over the years and thoroughly enjoys working with stock (cows and sheep) . We know the campers will love to hear about life on remote Aus farms!

Her role models are Steve Irwin, her Mom and Dad and Bethany Hamilton. Do you know who Steve Irwin and Bethany Hamilton are? Check them out!


She has two great quotes that she lives by- “Beautiful things don’t ask for your attention” and “If you don’t do it yourself, your asking someone else to do it for you”

Grace LOVES anything to do with horses and water and being outside. So she is going to LOVE the ride and swims in Dupont Forest this summer! She will also be helping out by driving the CCB bus and wake boarding boats every now and then.

We can’t wait to welcome Grace for the summer of a lifetime!

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