A HUGE Welcome to Hamish!

This morning we are excited to introduce one of our Lifeguards (and part-time Earthworks) staff member-Hamish from New Zealand!

“My name is Hamish Esslemont-Clow I am Australian born but have lived my life in New Zealand. I am famous for embarrassing myself at work. The costumes, the children’s jokes, the Freudian slips, the wookie howl, the jump jam routines and re-enactments of animals.” Queenstown

“Camp for me is a place to meet children from around the world and ultimately follow my passion for working with children. After working in a hospital environment for the last few years I am looking forward to caring for well children in the outdoors.”

He says the coolest thing he has experienced so far was “During my undergraduate nursing degree I followed a pregnant woman for nine months. I was present at the birth and unaware what the midwife was about to spring on me. My observation role quickly became an active one and I was soon delivering the baby. It was the most amazing thing I have done and resulted in me sitting in silence for three hours after.”

Holi Festival

We also love asking our staff who their role models are-Hamish told us “As a nurse I have come across some of the most remarkable patients, mentors and families. These are real people making a small difference in the lives of others. My Preceptor throughout my first year of nursing was adored by the kids. She is everyone’s favorite nurse, not because of the standard of care she gave but by the time she spent with the children. Often it can be the simple task of sitting and listening to a patient that can leave a lasting effect. I look to follow in her footsteps of providing quality care and quality time with my patients and their families.”

Hamish is from beautiful Auckland and shared some cool facts with us! “Auckland sits above a hot spot of volcanic activity. The area is still active and requires constant monitoring. Dotted along the landscape are around 48 volcanic cones. The last to erupt, Rangitoto only did so 600-700years ago. It is the largest of the volcanoes and is one of the iconic islands in Auckland. As a result we have many small mountains providing prefect viewing points, geothermal springs and lakes to explore. This may explain, in part, why Auckland ranks highly on the most desirable places to live in the world.”


Hamish also talks about his favorite hobbies “Since a young age I have been drawn to water and living in New Zealand has allowed me to pursue this. My passion for swimming led into a professional role as a pool lifeguard for 2 years. However in the later years I have spent my free time swimming casually. I enjoy all water activities and have snorkeled, kayaked, sailed, jet skied, biscuited and fished. I spend most of my summer trekking to known and unknown beaches and waterfalls. In the future I can’t wait to try a little wake boarding/water skiing, wind surfing and fly boarding.”

Christmas is NZ is different to the USA! Hamish told us “My Christmas in often spent in the hospital and 2014 was no different. This however requires me to take a different role on….Santa’s little helper. In between nursing cares we dress up as reindeer, elves and Christmas trees, delivering presents to the children still in hospital. After a 12hour working Christmas day I returned to celebrate Christmas with my own family. While there is just the three of us it is full of food, games, picnics, walks and jokes.”


Finally We will leave you with Hamish’s favorite quote “Everyone comes into your life for a reason…..each one is an opportunity to learn” This was a quote said by a best friend of mine. Whether you believe in fate or not each and every relationship, short, long, bad or good has a purpose. Even if that relationship is a friendly strangers smile that brightens your day.

We cannot wait for Hamish to arrive at CCB and share his wisdom, thoughtfulness and caring nature with everyone at CCB!

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