A Wed and Thurs catch up!


Post_edit121 (24 of 149)‘Oh cabin day oh cabin day, it never rains on cabin day…’ We love Wednesdays at CCB!!! Today had been an awesome day and we have all been super busy. Before preparations for cabin day began, we had lots of other exciting things going on.  Our CA’s have had a rather exciting day as they headed out on an overnight white water rafting trip, taking a well deserved break from their camp duties. The rest of the campers once again enjoyed lots of amazing in camp activities and some out of camp trips. The tribal song contest of last night ended with an amazing win for the NEWTS!!! They very much enjoyed their pizza and sodas. This afternoon the whole of camp had fun getting into the theme of today’s cabin day, which was ‘The military!’ Campers and counselors dressed up and covered themselves in camouflage paint before enjoying some exciting military games to help them develop team work and leadership skills. Oh… and true to the saying, we saw no rain on cabin day!

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What a day! Some of the super awesome events of today included our first out of camp horseback trips! Camper headed out to DuPont state forest, where they enjoyed riding through the amazing trails on our CCB mustangs!

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Other trips included an all day white water kayaking trip to the French Broad, an all day rock climbing trip to looking glass for the newts and dogs! A caving trip to Worley’s for the Manders and huggers, a wakeboarding trip to Lake Jocasse again for the Manders and lots more. Tonight we have movie night! So all of our campers will chill out together and watch a movie, we might even throw in some candy!!

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