Tank Top Tuesday!

Today has been no ordinary tank top Tuesday here at CCB. Today marked the start of a new tradition… Tie Dye tank top Tuesday!!! Campers have been busy in arts and crafts creating some awesomely colorful tank tops, which they look forward to modeling in the coming days. Campers have also been getting arty as they helped create a mural on the Manders Egypt’s.Post_edit121 (84 of 182)

Deep in the woods of CCB, some of our boys have had lots of fun becoming at one with nature and overcoming epic challenges in our man vs. wild clinics. They were taught ultimate skills to assist them in surviving in the wilderness should they ever need to!

Post_edit121 (2 of 149)

Once again we have had lots of campers out of camp on some fabulous trips, including wakeboarding, sea kayaking, and mountain biking and caving. Some of our other campers have been focusing again on perfecting their skills at in camp clinics such as mountain boarding, horseback riding, team sports, music classes and also Kayak roll clinics.

Later on this evening the tribes will be battling it out in the tribal song contest! Results of which will be revealed tomorrow……

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  1. Tim says:

    Haha, nice pick about bathing in the waterfall. It must have been a lot of fun!

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