Mondays @ Camp Carolina

No such thing as a boring Monday here at Camp Carolina! Camp has been a hive of activity. Our intro campers have enjoyed their first full day with us and were lucky enough to head straight out on a full day rafting trip down the French broad. They all had an awesome time paddling through the rapids with some struggling to stay in the rafts and others simply loving falling into the water!!_MG_3723

After developing and perfecting their skills at in camp clinics last week, lots of campers headed out on a range of full day and trips today including caving, climbing, wake boarding, sea kayaking and more!

Post_edit121 (237 of 237)

Praise to our kitchen staff for another lovely meal this evening, the chicken and chocolate brownies were particularly popular! We are all now very full and satisfied and ready for this evening’s entertainment!

With everyone now back at camp all of the tribes are busy thinking about their tribal songs in preparation for the big tribal song competition tomorrow!!! Everyone will be getting involved in the hope of winning the amazing prize of pizza and sodas!!! The campers are also excited for tribal games this evening, giving all campers another opportunity to make some more friends and get to know the new campers that have joined their tribe!

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