First Campfire of the Summer!

Friday the 13th may be unlucky for some, but it sure was good for all of us here at CCB! We have had another amazing day with a bunch of exciting trips both in and out of camp today! The dogs spent the entire day at the French Broad River on an all day white water rafting trip and returned for supper with big grins and lots of tales of their rafting experiences!Post_edit121 (1 of 9)

We also had campers from all tribes heading out on exciting trip such as an all day hike up John’s Rock, where campers say they were able to look out over some amazing mountain views across North Carolina!

Post_edit121 (6 of 9)


As the sun began to set and the stars came out, we all headed over to camp fire where we came together and sang some of our favorite camp Carolina songs, before listening to some awesome trip reports from campers and watching as some campers received the good citizenship award and had their paddles branded. Shortly after camp fire we all headed back to cabin row to get showered and tucked up in bed to prepare for the exciting weekend ahead!!!

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