Hitting the Ground Running!

Summer has started!!! We have been away from the blog for much too long in the lead up to the summer but we are back. We are aiming to blog every evening so make sure you subscribe to keep up with the daily updates from CCB. Here is the quick run down from the start of Session 1!269083118

Sunday was opening day. We woke to rain but were optimistic the clouds would part come 10AM (and if not we all knew the our skin was water proof). But the rain stopped, the music started pumping and the cars rolled in. There is something special about Opening Day’s… The staff have been working towards camp starting for months and those last few minutes before the cars roll in are possible the most exciting minutes of the summer! After an afternoon of swim tests, dodge ball, tribal meetings and tours our campers enjoyed a delicious dinner before watching the counselors perform their activity skits. The campers then signed up for their weekly in camp activities before hitting the sack for the night.


Since then-camp has been in full swing! We have had all of our trips out of camp on offer… This session the mountain boarding, mountain biking and hiking have been particularly popular but our campers have been making sure they are going on as many trips/activities as they can! So far we have been running a lot of skills clinics for our campers with the more advanced trips heading out next week.


Wednesday we had cabin day! Cabin Day is an awesome part of our programming where our campers head out in their tribes to camp out. This year cabin days are themed, so yesterday our Newts had fun with their Super Heroes theme, the dogs went out to Kuykendall and spent their time at “country stations” learning about different countries. They learned a chant in German, made South African instruments, threw boomerangs, learned the Hakka and ate German frankfurters and sauerkraut. Unfortunately the rain ended their camp out but the campers still had a blast! The Manders camped out at the trout pond and had a Pirate theme. The Huggers headed to Cove Creek and had an epic time with their Zombie Apocalypse theme.


Yesterday (Thursday) was Pirate Thursday at the waterfront. The Lifeguards got the campers to walk the plank, dive for treasure and zip down the sails (zip line) at the waterfront dressed in full pirate attire and speaking one word- “arrrrr!”. We also ran 8 trips and the Huggers were out rafting the mighty Pigeon river and then we also had the infamous Pizza and Movie night to look forward to.

We for one-are so excited that summer has officially started. Camp is now filled with happy, smiling campers just like it should be!

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