13 Signs You Have Spent a Summer at CCB!

Today I had a chuckle and was taken back to a shaving cream battle when I saw a bottle of shaving cream. I then had a laugh when I heard the song sandstorm on the radio and was taken back to a dance in the Dining Hall. I couldnt look a the Peanut Butter and Jelly without wishing there were wraps to make the most delicious PBCCB Best Pics (133) and J CCB wraps. And I KNOW there must be others out there who are reminded of their awesome summer spent at CCB. So go ahead and add your own “signs” you get back home and share with all of your camp buddies…

1) You cannot walk by a bottle of shaving foam without a) giving yourself a beard b) spraying the first person who walks by or c) creating the most epic slippery floor and practicing your slide tackles

2) You show up to a dance dressed in an epic crazy costume and dance like you just don’t care

3) You have the gong and Allll Upppp saved as your alarm clock

4) Whenever you walk up a hill and everyone starts complaining you think- Hill? What Hill? This aint no Dining Hall Hill!

5) Your dodge ball skills are out of this worldCCB Best Pics (172)

6) If you ever go horse riding, rafting, mountain biking etc you tell your parents exactly what equipment they need

7) You say the word “water bottle” without pronouncing the T’s just like an English man

8) Whenever there are PB and J sandwiches offered-you ask for a wrap instead

9) Every now and then you put on cheesy music and have a dance off half way through a meal.

10) You miss the sounds of summer while going to sleep. And the cool breeze drifting through the cabin.

11) You NEED a rest hour after lunch time

12) Every ice cream you eat is first a) charged at yelling Biltmore Train andCCB Best Pics (135) b) eat as much as you can as quickly as you can creating a huge mess

13) Every time you hear movie night you cross your fingers and toes and hope it will finally be Around the World in 80 Days!

So tell us-what reminds you of summer times at CCB?

Kylie Baker

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