Spring Preparation Means Summer is Near!

I am sure everyone working at a summer camp has walked outside into warmer weather this week and thought “Summer459547_10150663421804092_1168928264_o (1) is on its way!” and at CCB this was no exception. Spring is a time for preparation at Camp Carolina, the staff are hired and are preparing for the summer of a lifetime, most of our campers are registered and the CCB full-time staff are putting finishing touches on everything they have been working towards since August last year-and getting really excited for camp to be hustling, bustling and noisy, just like it should be!

Our CCB families may be thinking about summer camp but what they can do in Spring time to REALLY prepare their son for the summer of a lifetime… Is there anything they can be doing? Yes, there is!


Spring time is a time when families generally do some spring cleaning. You may come across some really, REALLY old clothes/shoes and are ready to throw them out/donate them. But stop! Did you know summer camp is the perfect place for campers to bring old, stained clothes and muddy shoes? Why not send your son with special “caving” clothes? This will save a new white T-shirt from a lifetime at the bottom of the lost property pile because it is now brown. Is your son interested in doing some horse riding? Old tennis shoes and worn in, dirty jeans are just what our horse riders need. How about an old, tie died T-shirt? That will fit in perfectly any time at Camp Carolina. So start putting aside these items during spring cleaning. And if you find a pair of Dads old “disco sunglasses” or “bell bottom pants” send them with your son. They will be a hit at the Saturday night dances!



Start the labeling frenzy early! We encourage parents to label everything (EVERYTHING) before they send their son to camp (underwear, drink bottles, back packs, hats etc) This can take time! We would encourage you to have your son involved so he can be reminded what the labels look like and what items he will be taking with him. This website  has great, long-lasting labels that are easily identifiable. Sharpie names generally blend together after a wash or two and mark it hard to identify the name. Make sure you write your sons first and last name so when that awesome T-shirt shows up in lost property we can help it find its way back ASAP.


Have a read through the packing list and start purchasing/putting aside items for the summer and adding your own items to the list. Make sure you include a bow tie/tie for our brand new event-Stay Classy Night as well as some funky costumes for the dance nights!

Is this your sons first year? Is he a little nervous? This is the time to start having him think about heading off to camp! Write a “bucket list” for the summer, fill out the pre sign sheet together, watch the promotional movie again  and ask him about any concerns he has and discuss them with him (if you need any assistance feel free to call 8288842414 and Mary Ec can help you!). If you have received the awesome new T-shirt in the mail encourage him to wear it to school and tell his friends about the adventure he is about to go on. You can also start encouraging young campers to take responsibility for washing their hair, brushing their teeth, washing their hands before meals etc. Our counselors will be there to guide the campers along but it will be a great confidence booster for your son if he already has these skills.

Best of Week 1 (4)

Join us by following our blog! You can click “subscribe to this blog” up in the top right of this page and then every time we blog you will receive it right to your inbox. During the summer we blog daily, outlining the days events so it’s a great way to stay in the loop with whats going on at CCB. We will also be updating our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest boards with news, information, updates as well as several competitions leading up to the summer! Just search “Camp Carolina” on these websites and you will find us!

So there are a few tips to start getting ready for a summer of  a lifetime! All of us here at CCB cannot wait for the summer to begin and to welcome you and your son into the community with open arms…

Kylie Baker

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