Meet Tennis Coach-Nathan!

Today we are introducing one of our superstar tennis coaches-Nathan. We asked Nathan what is your name, where are you from and what are you famous for? “My name is Nathan. I am from a small town of Harcourt which is about 1.5 hours outside of Melbourne, Australia. Last year I graduated from the Primary Education course at La Trobe University and majored in Physical Education. I am currently a primary school substitute teacher. I am well-known for my involvement in sports in the local community having played in most of the local sporting teams including tennis, AFL, cricket and mixed netball. For the past three years, I have been the local tennis coach and also taught tennis to primary schools in the Active After Schools Program.”Nathan Coaching

He can’t wait to arrive at CCB and says “I am looking forward to working with a great bunch of people from all over the world and being involved in a camp with a great atmosphere. I am also looking forward to travelling away from the cold Australian Winter and being in the sunny North Carolina. I look forward to doing what I love… teaching sports to children!”

playing AFL



He loves his close knit family and tells us about them here “I have a father, mother, older sister and younger brother. We have 3 dogs (Bazza, Tammy and Summer) and 20 cattle on our property. Our family is very close. I play in a tennis team with my older sister and coach my younger brother. My family has always been involved in the local sport whether it be playing, coaching or being on the committee.”

He lives in a small country town and says “I have always lived in the small country town of Harcourt and am proud to call it home. It is quite a beautiful place with Mount Alexander overlooking the town (which you can see in the picture). I enjoy bike riding, going fishing, camping on Mount Alexander with friends. Harcourt is famous for its apples and apple juice which is sold in many supermarkets, shops and cafes around Australia. Every year there is the “Harcourt AppleFest” whichMount Alexander lookout onto Harcourt occupies the town with many stalls and visitors. The whole community and surrounding towns get involved. Everyone in my family always buys a toffee apple each year as a tradition. Harcourt has been a great place to have been brought up in.”

He says he loves “Playing any sport really, but my favorites would be playing tennis in the summer and AFL in the winter. I am grateful for the opportunities sport has given me such as making friends, meeting people, going to different places, getting paid employment (teaching sports after school in the Active After Schools Program) and finally coaching tennis at Camp Carolina!”

brother and sister

And his favorite thing about working with children? “The best thing about coaching children is when you see a smile on a child’s face because they are enjoying your coaching because you have provided a fun, supportive and positive environment. It was a great feeling last year when I received feedback from a parent of a child I was coaching in the Active After School tennis program. She told me that her child was really enjoying my tennis sessions which was strange because he usually didn’t like sport and preferred computer games. After the tennis program, he has continued to keep playing tennis and has joined the junior weekend competition.  It is very rewarding to make a positive influence on a child’s life to provide them with the opportunity to try something new or to help them achieve something they thought they couldn’t.”

Nathan-We are sure our tennis crazy campers can’t wait to meet you and we cant wait for you to arrive!

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