Want to Meet Who Will be Making Videos This Summer?

Today we meet one of our photo-video team members, Tom!

“Hello, my name is Thomas; you can call me Tom, Tommy, Smithy it is up to you as I have been told there are Uganda 1plenty of Tom’s who are off to Camp Carolina this year! I am sure you shall come up with a good nickname for me when we are out there. I live in a lovely little village called Hurworth, located just outside the town of Darlington which is in the North East of England. In my town it seems that I was famous for my Martial Arts. When I was younger I always seemed to be in the local papers with my adventures of competing both nationally and internationally, visiting Countries such as Portugal, Switzerland and France and competing against other nationalities at these events. However more so now I uganda ladsseem to be famous for the guy who is forever smiling, I always try to have a positive outlook on life and smiling is one of the best ways to show friendliness, positivity and confidence to strangers.

I cannot wait to come to America and more importantly Camp Carolina! The picturesque valleys and waterfalls amaze me. I am looking forward to meeting all the other counselors in the complex but more especially the campers with their enthusiasm and eagerness to try new things, they will make my summer awesome and I hope I make theirs amazing. I have traveled to a few places in the world and think that meeting people of different cultures and traditions is an amazing thing to experience. I loved the film ‘Sandlot’ as a child and cannot wait to share the experience of ‘Smores’, Baseball and the 4th of JULY!


Well I have done what are classed as quite a few cool things so it is hard to narrow them down but I guess the main things are; White water rafting down the River Nile in Africa during the Summer of 2013, the sheer exhilaration white water rafting gives you is amazing, it is all about teamwork trying to stay in the raft and navigating where you want to go to but to be honest I loved falling out it was very invigorating and challenging getting back in. And the other pretty cool thing I would like to share with you today was doing the Pamplona BULL RUN in Spain. I did this during the summer of 2010, as a 17 year old boy it was extremely intimidating but such an adrenalin rush, I did not realize how fast bulls were, it was a crazy dash of 800 meters through the streets of Pamplona, with streets full of spectators on the fenced off side-lines and thousands of participants scrambling to make it into the stadium, I admit I screamed like a little girl when the bulls (who were not even 2 foot away from me when they) ran past, but felt like a gladiator when seconds later I sprinted into a packed out stadium of people cheering those brave enough to run with the bulls.


Well I have a fairly large family but my main family consists of my parents Deborah and Mark, both of whom are amazing role models to myself and my brothers, my mam who works in a specialist area of the hospital and my dad works in the prison guard service. In addition I have two younger brothers, Danny who is 19 and Sam who is 17. My two brothers are going off in the summer to have unforgettable experiences like myself; Danny is currently at University studying Zoology and is venturing out to South Africa this summer in July to work in a wildlife reserve, looking after big cats such as lions and cheetahs whilst Sam is preparing to go to University himself but is first going to a music festival in Portugal in July.

I enjoy every activity I engage with and cannot choose a particular one, you enjoy things for different reasons Jump-ropeand it depends what mood you are in. Sometimes I want to be extremely active and adventurous, so would play a competitive sport, other times I want to be creative so film some ideas with my friends we have or collaborate short film scripts. I may have a definitive answer after my summer at camp Carolina.

Teaching children has so many positives; they are always so enthusiastic and intrigued to learn new skills. I love seeing their eyes brighten up when you introduce them to something they haven’t seen or done before! Be it a new activity or silly game to play in the warm up before playing football (soccer) volleyball or rugby, or telling them interesting facts. The best feeling inme and the kids the world is making a child happy and seeing them as a person and their skills develop. It is funny because the skills you initially teach them become honed and sometimes they will suddenly surprise you by teaching you a new trick or showing something you have never seen before, the apprentice has now become the master.”

Tom-We can’t wait for you to arrive and put your adventurous and creative personality together to create some awesome memories on film for our campers and their parents to cherish!

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