Meet Horseback Counselor Megan!

Today on the staff blog we get to meet Megan-One of our awesome horseback counselors! “My name is Megan, and I am from a little suburb in Sydney, Australia, called Pennant Hills. I would say I am most famous for having an adventurous soul, always smiling and being just a little horse crazy.”197962_10150141967108807_4854313_n

She is so excited for this summer and tells us about it here “There are so many things I am excited for this summer at Camp Carolina, being able to contribute my knowledge and background to the children’s time at summer camp will be so rewarding. I’m also looking forward to seeing the beautiful countryside and meeting all the other people from around the world who I will be experiencing this amazing adventure with.”



She also says “The number one coolest thing I would say that I have done, is train my second horse Bobby from an unbroken horse into a fully educated gelding. I did have help along the way, but to see all the hard work pay off after having him almost untouchable to winning competition after competition was such a cool feeling.  The second thing would definitely be booking my trip to America to decide to work at summer camp. I am so excited and appreciative of this amazing opportunity.”

She has a close-knit family “My family consists of 1002639_10151639849678807_449777744_nmy two younger brothers, mum and dad – all of which have that adventurous side to them. It was my mother who first got me into horses, as she also grew up around them. We’re all very outdoorsy and spent most of our childhood going on camping trips all over the country. All of us kids have finished school now, but we’re closer than ever and enjoy spending quality time with each other as well as having a good old laugh over silly family jokes.”





And our favorite question? “My favourite thing about working with children is the feeling you get when you see how thankful they are for the experiences and knowledge you share with them. To be able to teach someone else the skills you have learnt is extremely rewarding. I also love that children can teach you so much too, they constantly remind you about the little things in life that you can often skip past so quickly in day-to-day life.”

Well Megan we cannot wait for you to arrive and get to know the awesome CCB counselors, campers and horses and experience the summer of a lifetime!

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