The Snow Day Challenge!

As I write this, Camp Carolina is being blanketed with beautiful, fresh snow! At the moment a few patches of IMG_8362grass on the OD field are showing but the rest of camp is bright white. And it is beautiful! We have 6-12 inches expected and for WNC-that’s a lot (and for me, the Australian-out of this world exciting!). Unfortunately we all live here on property so claiming a snow day when we live less than a minutes walk from the office would be a little difficult. BUT! Mary Eccles has informed us that Thursday afternoon WILL be a snow day! (Only if it involved a multitude of activities as we ARE at a summer camp after all) So I began looking for said “Snow Day Activities” and have discovered a whole new world of IMG_0056possibilities. So the challenge is-participate in as many of these activities as possible, document them and send em on over to our Facebook page so our Southern Hemisphere counselors and alum can dream of cooler days!

1) Make a Vita Pup with fresh snow! You can use a mixture of different juices and give it a crazy cool name! OR make Snow Cream! Mix fresh snow, sweetened condensed milk and vanilla together and enjoy!

2) Go sledding! An obvious yet “never gets old” fun. We will be utilizing the many hills at CCB!

3) Cook a fresh batch of cookies. Be inventive and use ingredients you have never used before. Imagine eating them with your buddies in the dining hall at CCB

4) Play a game of CCB dodge ball with SNOWBALLS!Best Pics of June Session (649)

5) Watch “Around the World in 80 days”. And actually watch the movie!

6) Watch every movie on the CCB Youtube channel 

7) Start a “summer camp bucket list” Write down everything you want to try and skills you want to progress this summer. Leave it in the bottom of your trunk to discover come packing time.

8) Write a letter to your summer camp buddy. Everyone loves getting a letter in the depth of winter.Best Pics of June Session (667)

9) Get outside for an adventure with your family. Even a short walk around the neighborhood can be an adventure. Keep an eye out for wildlife living in the snow, check out how the plants are adapting to the freezing cold. You can learn a lot just by getting outside and keeping your eyes open!

And there you go… Your snow day is sorted! Parents-your welcome and Campers-Have a blast. Send us your snow day pictures and keep an eye on our Facebook to see the Year Round staff enjoying their SNOW DAY!

Kylie Baker

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