Meet Mountaineering Man-Tom!

Hiring is full force ahead here at CCB! Alfred is about to head to Mexico to use his knowledge and passion for cooking to hire amazing kitchen staff and Kylie and Phil are heading across the pond to the UK to take part in 5 hiring fairs. We have already recruited an amazing team of counselors and we are so excited to introduce them to you! 1

Today we introduce Tom. Tom is an experienced and passionate outdoor professional who loves climbing, caving and mountain biking-perfect for mountaineering it seems! His passion for helping children discover the outdoors and all it has to offer really spoke to us during the recruitment process and we cannot wait for Tom to arrive to begin his 6 week of training!


“My name is Thomas Pip Langan, I am from Hull in Yorkshire, UK. I am famous for my terrible ability at football and I am most excited to work in a fun outdoor environment and meeting many new people.”

“I’m most proud of the mountain climbing me and my friend, Jason did whilst volunteering in South America at the age of 18. We took our own equipment, studied safe mountain & glacier practices then climbed three pretty high mountains and a volcano. It felt ambitious, but it was an experience that set me on my outdoor career and showed me what it is possible to achieve.”


His current theme song? “Saeglopur by Sigur Ros, from Iceland. To be honest any song by them, beautiful and inspiring music, check them out!”

He has a great family and tells us about them here… “My mum, dad and sister all live in Hull. My mum is a gardener and loves her work, also a Rod Stewart fan! My dad is retired due to loss of eye sight but has great support in Libby the most amazing dog I have met and part of the family. My dad regularly heads out with the tandem biking group so we cover quite a lot of miles on the bikes! My sister is a very bubbly person and has a passion for photography and art. She is currently studying in her final year of mental health nursing.”


He also talks about his town back in rainy England “Hull is famous for being an important historical port in the fishing industry. It has the Humber Bridge, the largest single span suspension bridge in the UK, and was the home of William Wilberforce who helped abolish slavery.”


And his favorite activity? “Too many to choose from! Caving and climbing are both passions of mine and I love to travel, in my downtime I’m often thinking of the next adventure, however I’m also a fan of dancing and board games.”

And finally- What is your favorite thing about coaching and working with children? “To promote the good, important things in life such as developing courage and compassion towards yourself and others, through challenge and adventure, in a fun, safe environment.”

Tom-not long left now until you begin the summer of a lifetime!

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