Meet Tom!

We recently hired an exemplary young man name Tom from the UK. Tom’s passion is working with and influencing young people and we cannot wait for him to arrive.IMG_0701

“My name is Tom! I’m from a town called Arnold in the city of Nottingham (UK). I’m very well known for being involved in almost every single sports team, youth group, and community project in my town. This means I work with an extremely large number of people, and have access to lots of funding for big days out and other activities. It’s almost impossible for me to walk through my town center without saying hello to almost every one”


Tom says “I’m definitely most excited about meeting the campers! I can’t wait to work with people from a different background to myself, and to meet people from different cultures all around the world. There are loads of sports activities and cabin games that I’m looking forward to bringing over and sharing with the campers who will be full of energy and enthusiasm.”

“In early 2013 it snowed a lot more than average, so I decided to build an igloo. I built it with a group of young teenagers working as a team. We got carried away and ended up building an igloo that had 6 rooms and could hold 24 people! Amazingly it was made of 100% snow and didn’t need anything at all to help hold any of the roofs up. Because it was so big it ended up being shown on the national television show ‘daybreak’.”


He says his current theme song is called ‘So Good to Me’ by Chris Malinchak.”In the summer of 2013 I had an amazing chance to sleep over at Thorpe Park, a theme park in the UK. After everyone had left the park we sat and watched the sun set behind the roller-coasters. This song came on just as the last of the sun was setting. It is one of my favorite memories and every time the song plays it reminds me of that moment and all the other adventures I went on last summer.”

He also talked about his family “My family is very big but very close. We always have parties and meals together at least once a month,, when up to 40 of us will meet up all at the same time. We are all loyal people who are proud of our roots, and we all love to get out there and do the ‘Akers’ name proud! I’m very lucky to have lots of youth workers, teachers and respite workers in the family, so we can all share games and activities and always have plenty of ideas!”

Best of Week 1 (4)

“My home town is great for me because it’s sandwiched right between the city and the countryside. I can jump on a bus and go bowling, to the cinema or skating. But if I head in the other direction I can go walking and mountain biking. Nottingham is most famous for being the home of Robin Hood, and I often cycle with my friends to his famous hiding place the Major Oak.”

“I love exploring and finding new places. If I ever have a spare couple of days I jump on a bike, bus or train, and go to a place in the country that I’ve never been to before.  Through this I’ve met so many people and made really close friendships that I know will last a lifetime. On these little adventures I usually end up doing all sorts of activities with the people I meet, such as digging snow holes, sea kayaking, sailing, quad biking, clay pigeon shooting, and even bee keeping!”


And our favorite question? “I love working with young people because after time you can see how they constantly develop as a person. I love teaching them new skills and games, and then later seeing them succeeding in what I’ve taught. I know that my hard work has paid off when I can see them enjoying using new skill and becoming really good at something I have showed them. It is really satisfying knowing that I’ve made a great impact on these people’s lives and that they can do the same to others as well!”

Well Tom we cannot wait for you to arrive an experience the magic of CCB and meet our awesome campers and counselors of summer 2014.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. sue pheasant says:

    Thomas is an amazing young man and I am so proud to be his Auntie Sue

    1. campcarolina says:

      Aww Auntie Sue that is so sweet! We can’t wait to meet Tom 🙂

  2. Trent says:

    Incredible points. Outstanding arguments.
    Keep up the great effort.

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