Mitch Climbing His Way to CCB!

Rock climbing at CCB is such a popular and exciting activity so finding the perfect counselors with the right skills and attitude can be quite a difficult task. This year however we struck gold early when we found Mitch O’Sullivan in September! Here is a little about him…download

“My name is Mitch O’Sullivan, I’m from Anglesea, Victoria, Australia and I have recently graduated from Latrobe University where I studied Outdoor Recreation Education. I specialize in rock climbing, canoeing, white water kayaking and rafting.”

We asked him what he is looking forward to most about working at Camp Carolina? “The reason I’m coming to camp is that I believe the best way to educate people about the environment is to provide positive experiences in the outdoors. By allowing the kids to experience their own adventures we give them a memory to look back on with fondness and through this hopefully they will further understand the importance of living healthy lives and protecting the environment.”

Best Pics of June Session (163)

He has had some pretty incredibly experiences studying over the past few years but a highlight for him was hiking along the Great Dividing Range for 21 days (over 260kms/161 miles). “But the coolest thing I have ever done would have to be the most recent one, myself along with a group of friends travelled to Tasmania to kayak the Franklin River. This trip ran over the course of 11 days (150kms/93miles) and was some of the hardest and scariest rapids I have ever paddled but I would do it all again.”


“My current theme song for my life is “around the world” by Daft Punk. I think it sums everything up pretty nicely.”

Family is an important part of his life and says “My Mum works in a camp in town, she works in the kitchen and has for some time now. My dad is the state depot manager for a nationwide transportation company and my sister currently works in a pet shop as a puppy school trainer but is going to be studying next year to become a kindergarten teacher.”

Best of June Session (525)


“I am passionate about teaching children and providing an experience that they otherwise would not be able to do or have access to people who could teach them. Kids are made to run around with mates and get dirty and tired, this is where they learn the most and when they walk away from an activity with a smile on their face or have a story to tell then I feel as though I have accomplished something very important.”

Mitch has such a great attitude and passion for working with children and we know he is going to fit right in with the Camp Carolina family. Mitch-we will see you in a few months for 5 weeks of training!

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