The First Kiwi of 2014!

We recently hired our first New Zealand counselor-Ben! “My name is Ben Swain and I come from a little suburb 392690_10151300332676403_826607192_ncalled Eastbourne in Wellington New Zealand. For the past few years I have been studying in Dunedin, at the Bottom of our South Island, towards a degree in Information Science and Marketing. If there is anything I am famous for, it is the sports fiend who has tried every sport under the sun-any chance to get out and about i’m in!”

Best of June Session (237)




He says “I am most excited about meeting the people- the counselors, the campers and all the others I will meet along the way who are bound to be amazing and awesome people to spend the summer with. Camp Carolina has the same landscape and environment as New Zealand in a lot of ways so exploring these areas will be very exciting.”

Photo on 7-12-13 at 1#3




“The coolest thing I have ever done is a 134 metre Nevis River Bungy jump in Queenstown, in the South Island of New Zealand. Look it up on YouTube, the jump is awesome! By the time I get to camp, I hope to have done a skydive to go along with it.”

“My current theme song would be One by One by the Black Seeds, an awesome summer time band in NZ, their music is a mix of reggae and funk, great for summer time sitting out in the sun with mates.”


He loves living in New Zealand and told us “My home town of Wellington is famous for being the Capital of New Zealand, being home to the Wellington Sevens (A huge rugby event which everyone dresses up for and has a massive party) and being home to many famous lads like the Flight of the Concords and Peter Jackson.”

Best of June Session (479)




Then our favorite question was answered “The most amazing thing about teaching children is seeing the progression from when they first try a skill to them become a seasoned veteran at the skill, whether it be going from ‘Never-Before’ to ‘Superstar’ or somewhere in between! It’s seeing them develop skills, which is just so awesome to see.”

Ben-just a few more months to wait until you touch down in North Carolina for months of fun, excitement and positively influencing our campers. See ya then!

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