Meet Lifeguard Aaron!

aaron 11

We are very excited to introduce Aaron who is going to be a lifeguard and swim instructor on the lake for summer 2014. Aaron lives in a village called Heacham in Norfolk in the east of England. He has lived there for 11 years now but was originally from Bedford. He says he is famous for “making everyone smile, whether it’s me making a fool out of myself or just generally being positive to everyone, I always seem to make people smile.”

We asked him what he was most excited for and he said “I am so excited for this summer at Camp Carolina! The reasons for this are that I cannot wait to bring my positive attitude to the camp. I personally feel I am a very bubbly and happy person, this I think will be a brilliant addition to camp and I can’t wait to get started and hopefully make everyone have the best summer yet! Also I’m  looking forward to learning about the States, so much to do and see I’m just so excited to get a chance to see it.”

Best of June Session (603)
Waterfront fun that Aaron has to look forward to!

“I have done some very exciting things in my life but I feel the coolest for me would have to be training with Chelsea Football Club. We used to take our advance squads down to London to tour each year and train with different clubs. When at Chelsea we trained with their coaches but also 3 big names joined in. Drogba, Cahill and David Luiz were all amazingly kind and joined in our training. This was the coolest moment I’ve had so far in my life.”

“If I had to put my life as a theme tune to a song I’d put it to Five Slam Dunk The Funk, the reason for this Is it’s a great song that gets everyone on their feet, it’s a very positive bubbly song and it gets people smiling.”

Aaron life guarding back home
Aaron life guarding back home

We asked Aaron about his home town “Heacham is a coastal village in Norfolk. In the summer it is very busy due to the holiday sites in the village. Through the winter it turns very quiet. All the locals are friendly and everybody seems to know each other. Heacham has historic ties to Pocahontas, who married John Ralfe a native of the village. Also Heacham is famous for its export of lavender. Norfolk lavender in Heacham grows and exports a great deal every year” How cool!

“My favourite activity is Football/Soccer and swimming. I have grown up around football and its been a great part of my life for as long as I can remember. I love going to watch live games and I Support Chelsea. I have been to watch them a number of times and I love it. I have been playing since I was about 5 and will continue to until im forced to stop. Swimming is also a great past time, I have worked as a lifeguard for nearly 5 years now and always like to go for a swim before or after work.”

Best Pics of June Session (76)
Jacob-a 2013 counselor enjoying life guarding at CCB!

We also asked him what his favorite part about working with children is… “I love coaching and working with children. I love being bubbly and positive with children because it seems to have a great impact on them. Coaching and working with children is a very rewarding job and I love being able to have a positive impact on their future and lives. I feel if you work with children in a positive manner it helps them to further develop themselves in later life. This is my favorite aspect of coaching as I love to see the kids enjoying themselves and bettering themselves in the future.”

Well Aaron we are sure you and your positive attitude are going to fit right in at Camp Carolina and we cannot wait to pick you up in May for you to begin your training and experience the magic of Camp Carolina this summer!

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