Meet Music Superstar-Rylan!

Guitar and Maddy
Rylan teaching guitar!

Staff Hiring is well underway here at Camp Carolina and we are so excited about our first few hired counselors. There enthusiasm, experience and passion for working with children is second to non and we CANNOT WAIT to meet them in May 2014 for staff training… First up we have Rylan!

“My name is Rylan and I am from a small beach town called Port Macquarie in the state of New South Wales, Australia. Upon completing my final year of high school I moved to a city called Newcastle to study at university, which is a 3-hour drive South of Port Macquarie. I am famous for being the lead guitarist in a local rock band!”

Rylan playing with his band




We asked Rylan was he was most excited for working this summer at Camp Carolina? “I am really excited to surround myself with positive people who are ready to have some fun! I look forward to working within a supportive environment and forming friendships with fellow counselors and campers.” And the coolest thing he has ever done? “Last year I had really long hair, and I shaved it all off to raise money for cancer research.” “Also, when I was 16, myself and a few friends dressed up in very silly costumes and went door-knocking to sing Christmas carols for many households in the community. Lots of people ended up offering us money so we decided to accept it and donate all of it to a Christmas charity, who purchased gifts and sent them to under-privileged families. It was a great feeling to know we were positively influencing the lives of others by supporting those in need.”

Santa Fun Run
Rylan before a “fun run”

We also asked him what the current “theme song” was and he answered “I believe I can fly- the song from the movie “Space Jam”!”

Rylan has a great family (we should know, Rylans big brother worked at CCB for 2 summers!) and said “I come from a large family and have 2 siblings and 2 step-siblings. My whole family are very musical and like to bond over discussing and playing music. Over the years we have all enjoyed going for holidays together and spending quality time together every second Christmas. My younger sister is a makeup artist, my older brother is completing his masters in Psychology and was also a counselor at Camp Carolina for 2 years, my older step-sister works at a pet shop and is married, my older step brother is also married and works in hospitality, and my mum and step-dad are musicians. I also have a great relationship with my dad who owns his own cleaning business, and step-mum who works in the field of occupational rehabilitation. My dad and step-mum live in Sydney and I visit them regularly, and also enjoy spending time with them every second Christmas.”

Rylan (far right) with his brother and sister

His favorite activity is playing, writing, and listening to music and his favorite part about working with children?” My favourite part about working with children is the fun and energetic nature they so often possess. It is also great to be able to act as a role model for the children by promoting various skills and values such as respect, teamwork, acceptance, reliability, motivation and confidence. I very much look forward to positively influencing each child I meet at camp to ensure their experience is as enjoyable and meaningful as possible.”

We are sure some of our music loving campers are as excited to meet Rylan as we are! Stay tuned for more counselor updates!

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