Promo DVDs and Pizza Parties!

Here at CCB summer feels like a life time ago… The temperature has dropped, quietness has replaced chaos Post_edit-0060but surprise, surprise-its still raining! We have now turned our focus to working on ensuring that summer 2014 is our best summer yet. We have several maintenance projects under way improving old facilities and adding brand new ones, we are reviewing evaluations from staff and parents (make sure you send them in!), working on the yearbooks and 2013 promotional DVD and booking pizza parties.


We are aiming for two pizza party routes this year… One will head to the NC coast and up North before heading to Ohio and back through Kentucky towards home. The other will head down to Florida and as far east as Texas before heading home through Tennessee. Its going to be awesome! If you are interested in jumping on board and hosting a show or attending one in your area-shoot Kylie an email at The shows are easy to organize, all expenses are covered and they are great fun! We will send invites out to all of our current campers if there is a show in your town-keep your eyes out for them in your mail box and make sure you head along to catch up with camp buddies, munch on some pizza and try to spot yourself on the brand new 2013 promo!

Morgan Telfer who was on our video team this year is currently working on the promo and it looks GREAT! The DVD goes for around 30min and highlights everything awesome about Camp Carolina. Rufus who was also on our video team is working on the year books, he is currently half way through main session. Get excited for these as well! We hope all of our campers are enjoying being back at school but we must admit-we wish they were here at Camp Carolina instead! WHATADAY


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