A First Year Experience!

We recently received an awesome letter from the lovely Rockwell family in Alexandria, VA who sent their son Christian to Camp Carolina for the first time. Christian came to the awesome Father-Son weekend in May and his Mom Caitlin said “He had a wonderful time, but was still hesitant about going so far from home – his first time away for more than a weekend – without his Dad.  We registered and waited.” photo

“For the next week we were spoiled by wonderful photos – thank you so very much for those, but the way.  Happy campers, happy parents and boy were we thrilled.  Christian sent a wonderful letter home and so did Paul (his counselor).  We received two letters from Paul actually, and the second was two pages long!  How blessed we were to have someone taking such great care of our son – real care.  By week one Paul understood Christian’s shyness, his need to be challenged and got a handle on that “cheeky smile” our son has!

photo 2

We cannot say enough about your staff, the facilities and everything about Camp Carolina.  My two calls to the office were met with an understanding voice, helpful info and, the first week, a return call from a counselor who had checked on Christian (I admit it – I called to check on day two)!

photo 3





Of all the photos and stories, one will forever stick out – the campfire where Christian, earlier than some other campers, received his Camp Carolina paddle.  In Christian’s nine years, he has accomplished many things, but none more pride-filled than earning his “Old Man of the Mountains” paddle.   He told us all about how, “Alfred taught me the proper way to shake hands.  Firm and confident.”  His face in this photo tells it all.  It was a moment we’re thankful to have a picture of.  As parents, we’ve never seen him prouder of himself.  Thank you so much for giving our son the kind of opportunity he’ll never forget. We appreciate this safe haven where Christian could not only be himself, but discover parts of himself he didn’t know he had: confidence, courage and the ability to be away from  home for two whole weeks (next year, three).”

What an awesome letter and awesome end to summer 2013! For now we are looking towards summer 2014 and working on making it even bigger and better than last year! WHATADAY!

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  1. Marco Martinoli says:

    Our son Lorenzo has been to camp for the last 6 years and I have seen the best come out of him every time he comes back from camp. Every year it got to be better for Lorenzo. At first it was a good-fun experience….now it is a lifestyle and his confidence has been growing immensely while at camp year after year. I, myself and Pam (my wife) together with our daughter Amanda, have experienced some of the gems that you can find at camp Carolina. The people first, the facilities, the program, the professionalism and the safety makes it a perfect place to enjoy summer. It is not glamorous, it is not luxurious, it is not pretentious, it is not even marketed like a product. What is camp Carolina is simple, authentic, unique, safe, extremely fun and relaxed as well as very professionally run by hard working people. The best thing about the camp, I believe, is that the owners run it and live in it. We have seen them involved at camp from the beginning. Alfred and Mary Eccles are sweet and gentle with the kids. Their house is open to everyone (we had the best times at father-son weekends) and their lifestyle is integrated in every aspect of the camp. Respect, honesty, pride, responsibility, authenticity and cooperation are some of the values that I have experienced and Lorenzo has learned while at camp. The experience and achievements at camp are valued by Lorenzo as a great school for life. I highly encourage Christian to return to camp next year, it will be worth a million bucks to him!! With deep respect and admiration.

    Marco Martinoli

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