Mountain Bike Race Coming to CCB!

Summer is over at CCB. This is always a bizarre time of the year-where camp is quiet, you are no longer “living by the gong”, your fridge is full of food and evenings are much more boring! But we have several upcoming events to look forward to over the next month. This weekend is the alumni weekend, followed by the CYMBL (Carolina Youth Mountain Bike League) mountain bike race on August 24th.

Camp Carolina is set to be the first race out of the 6 race series which is targeted  towards kids in the Carolina’s who want a fun and low pressure introduction to Mountain Biking.. The race days are also offering clinics focusing on nutrition, bike maintenance, trail etiquette etc. and focus on promoting a healthy, active lifestyle in our youth.

We can’t wait for August 24th and hope to see some of our campers head over to CCB to hit the trails! For more information head to the CYMBL Website and check out our YouTube video from last year.


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