Rafting at CCB

And here we are! The last week of rafting trips for the summer…And hasn’t it been awesome! Here at CCB each camper has a chance to go rafting with their tribe/cabin in the first week. it is a great team bonding experience and an awesome start to camp.Rafting

Our raft guides are well-trained and LOVE taking the boys down the Pigeon and French Broad rivers… We have all the equipment we need including a full fleet of rafts, paddles, life jackets and helmets to make sure the boys have a fun and safe time.





The rafting days start after breakfast when the boys load up on one of the buses and head on out. Once they get to the river it is time for an early lunch and time to get river ready (life jacket, helmet, rash guard and water shoes). Then the fun begins! We take the boys on the rivers that are age appropriate so that the rivers are thrilling but not overwhelming and stop for games such as raft wars and swims in the slower moving water.

Today we have the Newts out rafting the Pigeon river and can’t wait for them to get back to camp and tell us about all the fun they have had!

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  1. Looks like fun! In our day.. we used Canoes and Kayaks.. and definitely tried not to wear our helmets.. and somehow got on canoe trips that were 100% not appropriate for our ages.. Bull’s Sluice on the Chattooga at 12 yrs-13 yrs old in an open boat canoe? Done and done. Nantahala at 11-12yrs old in canoes? Done and done.

  2. Linda Brown says:

    My son is the guy with his arm up! He loves this part (and many parts) of camp!

  3. Beth Jackson says:

    We love rafting with Blue Heron Whitewater Rafting..they are excellent. The guides are friendly and make the whole trip fun. My kids loved it.

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