Camperpalooza at CCB

Campapaloozaa (4)Here at Camp Carolina we love to dance! Most weekends we have a dance with a local girls camps which the boys look forward to all week… Sometimes we have surprise dances. Sometimes we have surprise afternoons with girls camps, followed by a cookout,  followed by a concert, followed by a dance. We call this Camperpalooza, and Monday, July 15th 2013 was the date!

Campapaloozaa (5)



Ton-a-Wandah arrived at 5PM and spent some time playing sports, or competing in archery or riflery before heading up to the dining hall for a delicious cook out. Next up was the concert where we had a camper only band, a music staff band followed by the awesomeness of the band Wrong Direction. Next the Newts, Dogs and 5th grade Manders Campapaloozaa (6)danced away in the skate park while the 6th grade Manders, Huggers and CA’s headed up to the dining hall for their dance.

All boys were true gentlemen during Camperpalooza and are already looking forward to 2014’s edition!


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