What a week at CCB-Video 2!

Time flies when you’re having fun-thats for sure! Where did this first week go? I guess the days have blended together with Best of Week 1 (6) awesome trips out of camp, fun in camp activities and sports, exciting evening programs plus a weekend packed full of action.

Best of Week 1 (4)

We have been running beginner clinics and refresher classes to  increase  our campers skill level and confidence before they have the chance to put their skills to the test on the trails and rivers we are privileged enough to have so close to home. The boys are now beginning to develop a passion for particular activities which is exciting to see, we cant wait to offer full day and overnight trips this week!

Best of Week 1 (1)

Our evening programs have been full of fun, with cabin skits, cabin day, movie night and camp fire filling the time between dinner and bed time. The dance with Rockbrook on Saturday night was definitely a highlight for a lot of the boys who had a great night dancing, drinking lemonade and eating delicious Rockbrook cookies.

The weekend flew by with sliding rock, camper day, commando capers, the dance, intro session 1 opening day, biltmore train,  nature man, capture the flag and two delicious cook out dinners-life has been good at CCB! Enjoy the video below which highlights week 1 at Camp Carolina. WHAT A DAY!

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  1. Rick says:

    My 12 year old son got a big kick out of the picture of the boys coming down the sliding rock. He said, “That looks cool!”

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