How About a Triple Zip Line This Summer?

DSC_0221It seems as though the last few weeks have flown by here at Camp Carolina, with staff arriving, cabins being cleaned, aqua toys entering the lake and the kitchen serving delicious meals 3 times a day-summer is almost here!DSC_0217

One exciting addition to CCB’s awesome facilities is a brand new TRIPLE zip line. Yes, triple! We have been busy building the cool new tower and zip line over the past 3 weeks and it looks great! So now not only can you play on the aqua trampoline, aqua slide and blob during your water front time- you can also zip down the cable with your buddies into the lake!


Over the next few weeks we have all of our in camp staff arriving to take part in either the raft guide or the lifeguarding course followed by their activity specicfic training in prepartion for the campers arrival. We also have both father-son weekends to look forward to as well as as a school group who come all the way from Louisiana for 3 days of fun in the mountains.

28 days until summer starts!


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