Meet Tim From Australia!

As spring weather starts to warm up Camp Carolina-in Australia and New Zealand the temperatures are slowly cooling down-much to the relief of most people living there! We recently recruited Tim Lang who is from  Adelaide, South Australia. He says that he doesn’t mind cooking a ripper meal on the weber and is famous for being qualified for AUS U/25 Triathlon Squad to race in 2012 World Champs in New Zealand. Awesome!Best of 3rd session (407)

He is really excited for experiencing the adventure activities, meeting new people and seeing kids dominate new activities as they learn them this summer at Camp Carolina. The coolest place he has been is New Zealand where he went skydiving over Fox Glacier and Mount Cook.


His role model is his dad. “He’s competed in elite sport, he’s a teacher, he’s survived cancer and he’s supported me all along the way.”


We asked Tim what his favourite quote is…“Nature plays music for people who listen.”He says  “It’s simple at face value, but it has deeper meaning to me as well, in terms of not getting caught up in the rat-race of the modern world, life’s challenges and learning from them, going with the flow, etc.”


Tim says he loves playing guitar for the simple-ness of it, but in terms of sport probably mountain biking as it’s just you, your bike and the trail… and a lot of fun with mates!

Well Tim-There isn’t much time at all until you arrive at Camp Carolina and we can’t wait!

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