Photo Video Fun!

Today we get to meet a new counselor who will be bringing incredible pictures and videos from the forests of Camp Carolina right to our campers parents photo-viewing-devices every day. It really is amazing that each evening our parents can log in and see what has been going on at CCB that day, through pictures that our dedicated Photo-Video team have captured. When the photo’s are combined with our Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Best of First Session_2012 (1040)Pinterest and weekly Youtube updates our parents have never been more in tune with what is going on at CCB during the summer.

Best of 3rd session (1021)

Sean Mc Caffery is from Belfast, Northern Ireland and says he is famous for his personality and enthusiasm. He  is passionate about travelling the world and taking amazing photo’s as he explores as well as coaching children in a variety of different activities.

He tells us what he is most excited about spending his first summer at CCB  “The Camp experience itself I would say. In Ireland we don’t really have anything like Summer Camps, in fact Best of First Session_2012 (664)we barely have a Summer! I have always loved embracing and exploring different cultures and to be part of a summer camp and  work alongside American colleagues and children really interests me in what we can learn from each other”

The coolest thing he has done? “It was my first big adventure to Thailand. On my first trip out I got to experience two very exciting things. One was a trek through the mountains to a hidden water fall, were I got to climb up the side of it and follow it to the source further up. The other was one of the scariest but most exciting experiences- I got to pet an Adult Bengal Tiger!Best of First Session_2012 (441)

Seans role model?  “I would say my Dad. My dad has always pushed me to try new things and to explore, he is one of the reasons I have seen as much of the world as I have. He always taught me that there are no boundaries, the life you live is your own, you live it by exploring it, you grow by exploring, and most importantly if anyone says you can’t do it, prove them wrong. He has always provided words of wisdom to me that has helped me through school, college and university.”

Best of First Session_2012 (588)




“Since I was around 14, I discovered a quote that sums me up as a person and the way in which I approach life, it has stood by me all these years and I have stood by it in times of need, it is short and simple, but the greatest quotes always are, it is:“Sempre Fidelis” – It is Latin for “Always Faithful”


What is your favourite activity/sport and why? “GAA is probably one of my favourite sports, probably because it was the first sport I ever played. Coming from a strong Irish family, I was given a Hurley stick the moment I could walk, however I did not start playing Gaelic and Hurley until I was 8yrs old. . Hurley is one sport I truly love and would find myself constantly picking up the stick and hitting the ball with friends or off the wall. It is also considered one of the fastest ground sports in the world. It is something I love and continue to play to this day.

I’m sure everyone is excited to not only meet Sean but also see his incredible summer pictures!


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