Who Likes Arts’n’Crafts? Jade Does!

Arts n Crafts is an awesome activity at Camp Carolina. The boys get to spend their time working on any creative projects that they choose and we have skilled counselors able to cover all aspects of the activity. The options are endless-wood work, hemp jewellery, painting, sketching, model making! We keep Arts’n’Crafts open BOTH free times for our crafty campers who want to spend extra time perfecting their projects.IMG_9547

We recently recruited Jade Marijarich from Perth,  Australia who has studied graphic arts and design. She says “I’m famous for my art, my sense of humor and my stir-fry chicken.” and is excited for “Meeting new people, experience new things and to having a great American Summer!” She says “The coolest place I’ve been would be Whistler, Canada. I spent a white Christmas there a few years ago, so beautiful.Coolest thing I’ve ever done would be skydiving, there’s nothing like it.”


She really looks up to her parents “My role models are my parents. They are hardworking and don’t let anything get them down. They are the ones I can go to whenever I need advice.” She also says ” I am from Perth, Western Australia which is the most isolated capital city in the world.”


Finally-what is your favorite hobby/activity “Anything creative… painting relaxes me. And I love playing netball with my friends”

We cannot wait to have Jade arrive at CCB and start sharing her art skills with the campers!

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