Meet a new CCB counselor!

Wow-Thanksgiving was our last blog post! As you can imagine it has been busy, busy, busy at CCB over the past month or so with the holiday season and heading full steam ahead into staff recruitment for summer 2013 as well as lining up some awesome CCB pizza parties to really get everyone excited for the summer fun.Best of First Session_2012 (601)

Alfred and Mary Ec have just finished recruiting some amazing new staff in Mexico with Alfred set to fly to Australia and NZ in search of some lucky and talented Aussies and Kiwis to spend their winter (our summer) in NC. With several returning counselors and early bird new staff already recruited the team for 2013 is looking incredible. And we can’t wait, so summer, hurry up and arrive already!

Best of First Session_2012 (671)





One of these lucky new staff members is Brendon Ludlam from Auckland, NZ who will be bringing his amazing arts’n’crafts and woodwork skills with him to CCB-all you creative campers out there this will be your go to guy! Brendon (better known as BJ) says he is famous for his bear hugs and is really looking forward to learning new skills, meeting new people and experiencing the summer of a lifetime!


Brendon says “The coolest thing I have done (so far) was move to England to work in a school for 12 months. I learnt a lot of new skills, made a lot of new friends and also learnt a lot about myself. It was an amazing experience that I wouldn’t change for the world!” And his role model? “Jim Walton. (Former Employer). He once told me that there is no such thing as a hard decision, only easy decisions swayed by outside influences. For any decision look toward yourself and you will find the choice has already been made. This has been the way he has lived his life and is inspiring me to live my life the same way.”





And finally a little bit of trivia from Brendon’s home town of Auckland… Over 25% of New Zealanders live in Auckland. Auckland takes up 0.2% of the total area of New Zealand.


What is the  coolest arts’n’crafts project you have made at CCB?

We can’t wait for BJ to arrive this summer! Stay tuned for another new staff update in a few days!

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