Happy Thanksgiving!

What a great month we have had here at Camp Carolina! The leaves have turned red, yellow and orange turning Lambs Creek Valley into one of the most beautiful places in town before falling to the ground leaving a crunchy fall colored blanket covering the hills, road sides and roofs. The temperature has been dropping, the winter coats and boots (plus Lulu’s sausage dog coat) have come out of storage and the horses are all growing their woolly mammoth winter coats in preparation for the colder temperature. Summer 2012 seems so long ago as the seasons head to the depth of winter and we now start reminiscing on those wonderful summer days spent in the lakes and rivers, on the trails and simply relaxing in the beautiful area of Western North Carolina.

We would like to thank all of the wonderful families who have opened their homes to host a Camp Carolina Pizza Party this fall and we look forward to travelling to more CCB families home towns in the Spring. We have met some super enthusiastic young campers (and their parents) as we travelled all over the country and we cannot wait have them here for their best summer ever!

Staff hiring is under way with plenty of returnees from 2012, 2011 and 2010 set to return. If there is an inspirational, hard-working person you know will make an amazing CCB counselor please direct them to www.campcarolina.com and fill out a staff application.

We hope all of our campers, families, alumni and counselors have a fabulous Thanksgiving break. We managed to keep some camp fun in our Thanksgiving celebrations with a CCB blessing at dinner as well as a modified Olympic Games.  Here at CCB we are thankful for so much… in particular for the amazing people we have had the opportunity to meet, inspire, be inspired by and influence over the past 88 years. We cant wait to see you all again soon.


Happy Thanksgiving Y’all!

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