First Session Yearbook Released!

Hi there happy campers, parents and counselors! We hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful time of the year… Here at CCB the leaves have already started turning orange, red and yellow, year round staff are trading shorts for jeans and jackets and the lake is becoming just a little bit too chilly to take an after work dip.

Our photovideo super star Rufus headed home yesterday after visiting New York City. But he has left CCB with some very special presents! We have all 3 yearbooks as well as the 2012 promotional DVD uploaded on YouTube and ready to go live! We are really excited to keep the Camp Carolina community engaged and excited for summer 2013 so make sue you stay tuned to our YouTube, Facebook, Blog, Twitter and Pinterest pages as the days get shorter and the weather colder (or vice versa for our Southern Hemisphere year round summer chasers!) In the meantime enjoy all the fun, games and special moments with our 2012 First Session and Intro Session 1 campers!


One Comment Add yours

  1. Justin Bryant says:

    you are a great camp and this is Justin Bryant form camp in First Session you were great and i am woundering if i could have the conserlors emails so i can talk to my conserlor that i had for camp cannot wait to see you this summer and also you should be able to go there until you get in 11 grade so you can stay a camper also becausse you do not get to meet as much new kids and hang out with them it was great

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