Camp Carolina Promotional DVD Complete

After 4 weeks of hard work, editing, re-editing and perfecting Rufus and Carly-our video superstars have completed the 2012 promotional DVD… And it looks fantastic! The promo DVD features everything that Camp Carolina has to offer including the history, activities and core values we live by here at the best place on Earth.

We are one of the only camps who update their DVD’s yearly so the campers and counselors from the year gone are always featured. The Photo video team of Rufus, Carly, Max, Joey and Jacob did a wonderful job this summer, taking photos of the campers so Moms and Dads could keep up with what their sons are up to as well as making short weekly youtube clips which you can view here

The Promo DVD will now be shown all over the USA as JJ and Phil tour the country for our fall pizza party route catching up with alumni and current campers as well as recruiting new boys for 2013. Make sure if there is a party in your local town you get along!

In the meantime check out 2011 promo video below…


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