Summer May be Over…

As the days get cooler, the sun sets earlier and camp is almost perfectly silent we know that summer has passed. Here at Camp Carolina we like to keep our campers, counselors and parents informed and excited about the goings on of CCB ALL YEAR LONG! So here is an update of what goes on right after the summer finishes…

Carly and Rufus have been working hard on ensuring the promotional DVD for 2012 is the best one yet… The year books are just about complete and include the exciting debut of the “Milk and Cereal” music video! Stay tuned! JJ has been getting everything booked and planned for summer 2013 (he is that organized!) and is preparing to hit the road for some Pizza Party fun. Chocolate Phil has been helping with the Pizza Party organization and getting camp looking it’s best before hitting the road for some Pizza Parties. Kylie “Shake n Bake” has been busy booking the Pizza Parties and writing the Blog (Hi!)  as well as making sure the horses are having a great vacation. Marianne, Jen, Ec and Alfred are signing up campers and making sure everything financial is organized and planning details for summer 2013. The maintenance crew have been cleaning and packing up from the summer and are just about to start on some exciting projects for 2013-stay tuned!

Of course all of this is nowhere near as exciting as the fun and games of the summer! We will however be reliving this fun and games with our campers ALL OVER THE WORLD when we hit the road on our Pizza Party route. We will be premiering the brand new 2012 DVD at these shows so anyone who attends gets the first glimpse before it is released online. Plus you get to catch up with your camp buddies and relive the summer…


Stay tuned to our website for a list of shows, keep an eye on your emails inbox and check your post boxes for the printed invites. If you don’t receive one we may not have a REP in your area to host a show… We are always looking for new REPS all over the world so we would love to hear from you! Alumni, your more than welcome as well. We would also love to hear what our campers are up to -parent’s send in pictures of your son with some of his cool CCB merchandise to go into our “Around the World With CCB Album”. We hope to hear from you soon!

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