CCB Hosts Local Mountain Bike Race!

Here at Camp Carolina Mountain Biking is one of our most popular activities. We have top quality Giant mountain bikes that fit all boys, from Chad Boner (our smallest Newt) to our tallest CA and allow all of our campers to really progress their skills. Our counselors are hired from all over the world and this year our superstar mountain biker was Guy Sloan from Scotland who has competed in several big races in the UK. Our boys start their mountain biking activities by putting on appropriate safety equipment and getting fitted up to a bike. Learning about the gears, brakes and riding position comes next before hitting some gently slopes around CCB. From there we have several beginner to advanced trails at CCB plus the boys have the opportunity to head out to several prime mountain biking areas in Western North Carolina for half or full day and overnight trips

During the summer our wonderful Counsellor Assistants helped out our maintenance crew in building a huge, twisting bridge to link up with our new trail at the bottom of Bulldozer Mountain. Check it out here!


This weekend is the trails big debut with the Carolina Youth Mountain Biking League hosting the “Classic at Camp Carolina” race. The race is the 2nd out of 3 races and will be the only race to feature a Bike Jump competition! It is such a great program that really encourages our youth to get outside, be active and find an activity they love. For more information please click here

Camp Carolina aims to support local businesses and events like these wherever possible. We cannot wait to see our future generation of Mountain Bikers competing on CCB’s brand new trail this Saturday!


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