What an AWESOME Last Week We Have Had!

Here at Camp Carolina our last weeks are always filled with exciting additional activities that keep the boys busy and leaving with huge smiles on their faces with plenty of stories to tell their parents on the way home.

We have had prize trips heading out of camp all week to various locations around North and South Carolina for overnight camping, special treats and of course LOTS of fun! After one or two nights away from camp, fully engrossed in a certain activity and with the same 7-15 campers new friendships, new skills and new adventures are a plenty and our boys are still talking about the awesome things they managed to try!








Thursday afternoon is what many of our sport crazy campers look forward to all session. It is World Cup Soccer Day! Some of our team leaders wake up early and dress in their teams colors, paint their faces and wave their country’s flag proudly in the air during a breakfast demonstration. After lunch the tournament begins. We have music, face painting, a soda each-plus of course some awesome soccer games and sportsmanship on display!

We also had an archery, riflery and tennis tournament with the lovely ladies over at Rockbrook during this last week. Our boys were gallant in defeat during the nail-biting competitions and loved having the girls over to CCB to show them around the beautiful facilities we are lucky enough to have here. Our boys were true gentlemen throughout the entire day and represented Camp Carolina with pride!

Check out the below YouTube video of some of our 3rd session highlights.

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  1. Tim says:

    Nice video! Soccer games and sportsmanship combined must be an awesome experience for the kids.

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