Critters, Orienteering, Fire Lighting and Stream Ecology at CCB

This year our hard-working Earthworks team have conducted some awesome trips in and out of camp. We have had multi day sea kayaks, in camp lake and river fly fishing, over night and day hikes plus the ever popular Man Vs Wild adventures to keep our boys excited and learning along the way. 

This week however our 3rd session campers were in for a treat! We had several 1 hour-long educational and fun trips for our boys who chose Earthworks as their in camp activity to kick off our environmental program. Day 1 saw the boys heading around camp in search of native creepy crawlies in a program called “Flipping Over Rocks”. We hear some fascinating creatures were found and the day was a huge hit amongst all aged campers.

We also had our qualified counsellors educate the boys on stream ecology and they searched Lambs Creek for flora and fauna and discussed why they were so important. They also studied the features of the stream and learned a lot of new and interesting facts about water ways and why they are so important. Next on the cards was how to safely construct a fire and build it to maximise heat for camp cooking. The boys got to practice their skills under the safe supervision at camp fire.

Finally on Friday we had our famous orienteering course up and running! The boys learned how to use compasses then use their new-found skills to navigated their way around CCB stopping off at key buildings and landmarks. The boys have had a fantastic week trying out all these new Earthworks clinics and skills plus taking full advantage of all the other trips and in camp activities they have had to choose from.



We were sad to say bye to our Intro 4 campers who headed home on Saturday morning-but we hope they all had a safe trip and an awesome time this summer! We are having an action packed weekend with our Newts and Huggers just returning from Sliding Rock, the Manders having an epic raft war morning and our dogs practicing their survival skills with Man Vs Wild… WHAT A DAY!

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