You’re My Boy Blue!

The past few weeks have been very exciting over at Camp Carolina. After much anticipation our baby duckling arrived! He got here just in time for our 4 week campers to get to know him and take care of him during his first few days at CCB. Our 3rd Session and Intro Session 2 campers have then had the opportunity to watch him grow (quickly!) and settle into life as a camp duck.

Blue has had an impressive start to his role at CCB already taking over the waterfront team, much to former head Chris Watson’s dismay. Already he has taught more children to swim than the water front team put together all summer and the campers are really enjoying his fresh new approach to blobbing, sliding and jumping on the aqua toys.

Blue has been eating and growing at an enormous rate and his adult feathers are beginning to peak through. We are sure the campers and counselors will be following his progress over the next few months as he reaches many milestones, such as duck diving, hunting and learning how to fly. We will be sure to keep you posted on all of his updates!

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