Off to Charleston!

When our campers and their parents find out that we offer surfing at Camp Carolina they usually do not believe it. How?

It all begins on the Camp Carolina Lake. The boys must first participate in and pass a paddle test out on the
smooth lake water. They learn how to paddle correctly, sit on the board, lie on the board correctly and demonstrate a swimming technique and fitness that will see them safe in Charleston’s waters.




The boys then pack up for two nights camping and hit the road! The drive is around 4 hours long and many “passing time car games” are played! The campers arrive just in time for a refreshing afternoon swim and surf after reviewing the beaches safety and practicing standing up on the sand. The next morning sees everyone up and in the van early with breakfast being served on the beach before a morning surf. During the heat of the day the boys escape to the local movie theater and air conditioning before they explore a new beach. That night they always have a surprise dinner and evening activity. We can’t tell you and ruin the surprise!

The final day of the trip our boys get up early for a morning swim/surf before driving back to CCB to arrive in time for lunch. This year we have an awesome, diverse surf team with Chip from New Zealand, Jack and Jess from Australia and Carlos from Costa Rica. The team are having a great summer and have got almost every camper who comes on the surf trip up on their feet, riding the waves!

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