Everyone Out of Camp!

Some days at Camp Carolina we like to have “Everyone Out of Camp” days where all boys are encouraged to head off CCB land and try something new outside of camp. Today is one of those days where we had enough trips on offer to accommodate all of our campers and almost all of our boys took us up on the offer!

All of the Manders are heading out to the Upper Pigeon river in Tennessee to have an awesome day white water rafting. The boys head out of camp at around 9:45AM and return at 5:30PM just in time for free time…vita pups included! The Huggers and CA’s are heading off on a paintball trip to Line of Fire Paintball.The boys will have the opportunity to play 7 different games in a variety of teams… The day usually ends with the favorite Counselor vs Camper game!

That leaves the Newts of Dogs. We offered the boys a variety of trips and clinics including a white water kayaking clinic where the boy will learn how to correctly paddle and roll a kayak on the flat water as well as gain confidence and skills that will allow the boys to safely paddle a river in the following weeks. We also have a climbing trip heading out to Looking Glass rock for the younger guys where they will have the opportunity to climb easy to hard routes depending on their ability and interest levels. The Newts also have the chance to head out on an all day caving trip to Saluda Cave and explore the underground tunnels and natural formations with only a head torch and trusty Camp Carolina mountaineering counselor to guide them. The boys could also go Mountain Biking in Dupont State Forest where they will head down the awesome bike trails and practice their new and old skills on the mostly downhill run. We also have a fly fishing clinic at Lake Alfred as well as half day hike and swims out in Dupont Forest for our younger guys.

We pride ourselves on offering our boys the choice of  daily trips out of camp that cater to all interest and skill levels. It allows the boys to develop independence, confidence as well as focusing on the activities they want to learn more about and improve in. We cant wait to see our third session campers progress in their activities over the next 2 and a half weeks.

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