All In Free Swim!

Swimming at Camp Carolina is one of the most popular activities we offer at CCB. The boys can sign up for swimming as an in camp activity where they can practice their swimming technique, swim for fitness or simply play and have fun on one of the many aqua toys we have set up on the lake. First of all we have the awesome Blob! A big inflatable sack which is not quite fully inflated allows the boys to propel each other into the air before landing in the water. We also have the Aqua Slide which has giant stairs, big slide and an area for the boys to relax in underneath. The Aqua Trampoline can accommodate 10 boys and as it names suggests it is a big, floating trampoline! Finally zip lining and the bike jump add to the excitement offered at the water front every day.

If the boys don’t get waterfront on their daily schedule then they have 2 opportunities every day to go and take a refreshing dip or practice their swimming skills-before lunch and before dinner. Both are perfect opportunities to cool off and relax after busy morning or afternoon activities or trips.







Today we have all of our boys performing the swim test. The swim test consists of swimming 100 yards, treading water for 1 minute before diving to the bottom and retrieving a rock. Once they have passed the test they can swim in the dock area without a life jacket (but still wear one on any of the aqua toys/outside the dock). If they don’t pass it’s no big deal, they just wear the life jacket at all times and practice their swimming technique with one of our qualified swim teachers.

We are having an awesome opening day here at CCB with dinner and activity skits beginning in 30 minutes before activity sign ups. What a Day!


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